Mayyana Textile private label clothing manufacturer


It is important for us to produce the products in the best quality during the production stage. To do this, we implement a series of control processes.

Fabric & Material control and tests: If the sample is taken from the fabric from the supplier, the fabric is checked for the desired type, color, quality and if necessary washing and shrinkage tests are performed.

Pattern & Layer and Cutting Controls: The prepared patterns are checked and made, the fabric quality control is done during cutting and cut is done.

Line production controls: The products are checked in the sewing line. Measurement and quality controls are done randomly from selected samples

Final control: General control of all products from production is done.

Post-production Quality Controllers: A final quality check is performed just before your order is sent. To check that both the product and the packaging are properly finished.

The products that pass through all these stages are finally placed in the appropriate box sizes by making the ironing and packaging. The boxes are prepared for shipment by placing the boxes on the top of the boxes and wrapping them in the waterproof stretch films if necessary.

Note: Does it mean we never make mistakes? Obviously, no !! Of course, we can make a mistake, but we guarantee to solve any mistakes that we are responsible for quickly and accurately.

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