Sustainability in Ready-to-Wear

Production and consumption, which has recently accelerated thanks to globalization, has brought new quests for the efficient use of natural resources. The ability of human beings to meet their needs in the future, as they do today, depends on the preservation of economic and ecological balance together. In this context, the effective and efficient use of natural resources, sustainability, which means the reorganization of production activities within the framework of ecological factors, has become more and more important on a global scale within the framework of understanding such as the great importance given to recycling and ecological fashion in recent years. Sustainability, which is important for the world to be a more livable place and to leave a healthier environment to future generations, affects the ready-to-wear and textile sectors as well as all sectors.

Sustainability in Ready to Wear

While ready-made clothing and textile were in the first places in industrialization in the past, today it is a high-income sector based on rapid production and where innovation is dominated by trends and fashion, so sustainability in ready-to-wear is seen as very important and new understandings such as sustainable fashion are increasingly accepted. In this context, recyclable textile production, also called green fashion or sustainable fashion, has emerged as a new trend. Sustainable fashion aims to spread a more efficient and environmentally friendly approach to the entire production process, starting with the selection of raw materials to be used in textile production. Many brands that are pioneers in the textile industry today make significant investments for more sustainable products and designs. With a slow design approach, it is aimed to use more durable raw materials for a longer period of time, and it becomes possible to implement organic textiles thanks to recyclable products produced with an ethical fashion understanding.

Sustainability in Ready to Wear

As Mayyana textile, we have been in the ready-to-wear and textile industry since the 90’s. Our company, which has been exporting since 2010, supplies products to global markets, especially to Europe and Scandinavian countries. We provide services in a wide range of textiles, including pattern design, accessories, printing and embroidery applications, in many different fabric types such as silk, wool, linen, cotton, organic, viscose, polyester and their blends for domestic brands. Our company manufactures suits, jackets, shirts, trousers, t-shirts, hoodies for men’s and suits, blouses, t-shirts, hoodies, blouses and evening dresses for women’s, from the design to the shipping process, and also offers solution partnerships to companies in areas such as corporate wear, children’s wear and home textiles. We aim to combine ethical values ​​and environmentally-oriented production with fast delivery and flexible supply for our customers with whom we are fashion partners. As Mayyana Textile, we act with the understanding of fast production and guaranteed delivery in contract production, and we offer quality production and fast service to our customers for both large and small orders. We provide services on the basis of sustainability at every stage of production with our expert staff in the field, and we prioritize production that respects nature and people.

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